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A Children’s Book Author

Who Is Dana Jay?

 Since the tender age of three Dana Jay has had a passion for books and story telling. 

Dana Jay always enjoyed writing, since she was a little girl, she was never without a pencil and paper in hand. Most would assume that since she wrote all the time she would persue a degree in literature or creative writing, however, Dana Jay choose to compelete a degree in Computer Science.

To focus on her studies, Dana pushed her passion for writing to the side. It wasn’t until her last semester of college when she took a  creative writing class, that she felt the pull to write again.

Her book, Gizmo’s New Best Friend, is just one of the many stories Dana has wrote for children since her very recent college graduation.

“I’ve written so many books, it’s hard to keep track of how many.”

Although only one of her books have been published thus far, Dana has plans to release more fun stories for her young readers in the near future.



Keep scrolling down for pictures of Gizmo and Leo.

The pets who started it all.

Also, the bio of illustator Donovan Elmore, a talented 13 year old.

“I Love Reading Children’s Books”

The moment Dana enters a store the first aisle on her to-do list is the book section. She read just about every type of book on the market, but her all time favorite is children’s literature. 

Dana Jay has a deep respect for children book authors because they create such wonderful for stories for everyone, young or old to enjoy.

For Dana Jay to be able to share her books with the world is a dream come true for her. She is extremely grateful to have the amazing opportunity to make a contribution to children’s literature.


So What Inspired Dana to Write her First Book?

Her cat and Dog of course! Leo and Gizmo  are such incredible pets, it would be a misstep on her part not to write about them. The bond they share is profound because of how rare it is to see a cat and a dog get along as well as Gizmo and Leo do. They love each other so much, Dana dubs them, “the dynamic duo.” 

Also it should be noted that Dana Jay is a an avid animal lover, so it would make sense her first published book would be about her four legged friends.

Illustator Bio

Donovan T. Elmore

Donovan Tyrell Elmore is a native of Powder Springs, Georgia, he is a thirteen year old artist/illustrator.

Donovan began drawing at the early age of three; he began to draw everything that was visible from paper to his bedroom walls and every other wall available in his parents and grandparents home.

Donovan’s gift of drawing began to transform from chicken scratch to unique but very beautiful pieces of artwork.

Donovan was self taught in pencil art, digital art and canvas artwork; his favorite being Anime characters.

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