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A Children’s Book Author

Written by Dana Jay, Illustrated by Yuliia Tsurkan

Now available at all bookstores

Who am I

Do you know who you are?

To know oneself is a beautiful thing because it can lead to much happiness, confidence, and a stronger sense of self down the road we call life.

For children, it’s essential that they learn who they are now, while they are still young, to lessen conflicts with identity they will face in the future. Through this beautiful story, follow along on a little girl’s journey as she explores pathways to self-acceptance, self-love- and self-discovery.

Written by Dana Jay, Illustrated by Donvan T. Elmore

Now available at all bookstores

Can a cat and a dog be best friends?

Of course they can!

Just ask Gizmo and Leo!

Just because they’re not the same does not mean they can’t be friends. It’s true, cat’s and dogs don’t act the same, or look exactly alike, but that shouldn’t stop them from having a great and lasting friendship, right?

Read Gizmo’s New Best Friend to find out how a exuberant cat and a kindhearted dog can be the very best of friends.

Through fun and colorful images, Gizmo’s New Best Friend offers a thought-provoking story to children learning about diversity; as it provides them with the necessary tools needed for embracing the differences of others, as well as their own.


This was a fantastic book that gives children an opportunity to examine differences and the unimportance of them when it comes to friendship. I highly recommend it. My daughter loved it.